some and eat the hair of medusa

January 11, 2010
By Hope-in-life PLATINUM, Hutto, Texas
Hope-in-life PLATINUM, Hutto, Texas
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"too many of us stay walled up because we are afraid of being hurt.we are afraid to care too much for fear that the other person doesn't care at all "

Striped down to the bareness of my skin lying on the cores grass of a forgotten world comforted by a serpent slithering over my body and a half eaten apple at my elbow I imagine the days to come. In the back of mind I hear a cursed tongue condemning me to an eternity in hell and the heat that I start to feel from the grass is warm against my skin inviting me into a place of eternal fiery light. Oh how I morn the man to my left who was so foolish to trust the lies of mortals and as I smile sleep beings to trickle in and the days of peace fade away.

Silent tears begin to fog the view of my most beloved land and as I look down I see that the darkness of man has come upon my stolen creation of the future. How little do they no what is in store for them all and how they have condemned the world to live in there shadow always trying to erase the unforgivable and struggling to be pure silly hopes for a for saken land, but alas I have an idea to send a son not born from sin but as a gift given from his father to come and cleans the land.

I sit and smile politely, and then scoff with rage as the mask slips who was this man? A seed derived from the same man who so eloquently put the ball in play and allowed humanity to fight there own battle between on of his heist ranking courts fall to greed. He who cant be beaten into extinction? Is this to say that you believe man to be more powerful mans thoughts to over come you own … what is it that we are believing in that sends a boy to clean up a mans job of an enormous mess.

Silent slumbers soon end as the serpent comes to speak with me, little girl come bask with me in the pit of fire it is so tempting is it not, and so I do follow him and then upon my arrival do I get scorched and my skin so does blister. Smart man , poor man who was deceived, stupid girl for believing so many lies.

I am the serpent f the night and I am here to inform the dreams of the night that I lay with you in your beds and feed you and your children the words of lies and help teach them the art of betray so by all means indulge in the ignorance of man , and do not seek the truth.

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