January 11, 2010
Time means little out here.

The orange drops that settle in my hair
Are half frozen, suspended in space
And preserved, just as I am.
The path beneath my feet glitters
As the stars of the Milky Way
Gather to take me somewhere new.
There is always a place to discover here.

I waltz with Orion, tread on Rigel
And dance hand in hand with Betelgeuse.
Ursa chases me across the Solar System.
I leap and lunge for a shooting star
To save for another day.

I run a race against Mercury. He wins, as always.
I wave to the forlorn, forgotten Pluto.
Jupiter twirls me on his axis till I fall over dizzy.
I don't stay long; his days are far too short for me.
I want to live forever. I will return to Venus.

On Venus, time means nothing to me.

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