A Tearful Nightmare

January 11, 2010
I lay awake at night,
wondering if you’ll ever notice me like you used to,
wondering if I’ll ever have that smile focused on me once again,
wondering if you truly want me out of your life,
wondering if you truly do not love me as I love you,
wondering if you could ever love me again,
wondering if this was really the right decision.

I close me eyes as the tears start to form,
wondering why I am not fighting harder to get you back,
wondering why I cannot keep you out of my mind,
wondering why I cannot control the speed of my heart around you,
wondering why I cannot get over you,
wondering why I cannot be like you.

I let the tears flow to their own accord,
wondering when the day will come when I talk to you again,
wondering when we will be best friends again,
wondering when you will forgive me,
wondering when I can finally get over you.

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Jess95 said...
Jun. 17, 2010 at 12:45 am
your poem is has a sad kind of beauty...it shows how much you really cared...you just have to know it was his loss...HE'S missing out on something great that he might never had again...ive never been in love and after losing my best friend, my heart dosent open up to people as much...if at all...its pretty sealed...but i need to learn to keep it open, cuz if its always closed ill miss out on all the good things in life...the things that our worth living for...weather it be true love or a new fri... (more »)
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