Friend to Friend

January 11, 2010
By mollyjoh BRONZE, Hudson, Massachusetts
mollyjoh BRONZE, Hudson, Massachusetts
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Hello my dear,
Both you and I know all too well
That this year has been quite the roller coaster ride,
For the both of us.
There’s been heartbreak,
I’ve learned life lessons on the way,
Have you?
Firstly, you must bear in mind that
Although it seems impossible,
The sun shall rise again tomorrow,
A new day will arrive;
A day full of possibilities, laughter,
But only if you make it so.
You must remember that when the negatives try to
Bring you down,
You need to roll with the punches
And focus on the positives.
Trust me, if you look long and hard,
You will be able to find them.
Don’t think of what could have been,
Think of what will be;
Take life
Day by day.
Remember that I am here,
I will be beside you
For the remainder of the ride,
And beyond.

The author's comments:
A close friend was down about life, and I wrote this in hopes to change her perspective.

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