False Hope

January 6, 2010
By beckylyn BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
beckylyn BRONZE, Cincinnati, Ohio
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False hope,
False apprehensions,
Made me think I deserved your attention.
You asked if you could
Open my heart.
I thought about it, wanted to start.
Figured I could trust you
With that key.
Now I know you didn't want me.
So why would you ask
For the key to my heart
When you didn't have any intention to start?
I gave you my heart
And gave you my trust
And from you I couldn't even get lust.
Why would you
Do this to me
And still expect to get my heart's key?
If I'm just a friend
And not a lover
Why should I give it to you and not another?
If you want to see
What I hold in my heart
Get yourself straight, or we'll have to part.

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