Winter's Beauty

January 6, 2010
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Flakes of snow drip to the ground
Long strands of icicles rest upon the gutters of every house
Unexpected snow blocks the driveways
White shimmer cast onto the glass doors of all the houses on the block
Shouting to the blank slate are small vibes of rainbow
Mocha-brown footprints trail in cotton snow
Brightly colored sleds rush down the ivory slopes
Covering the once blank slate

Winter withholds nature’s beauty
With our dirty footprints
Our brightly colored sleds
And our screeches of enjoyment

We have made the beauty ours
By being outdoors and basking in the glowing sun
By stepping on the grass and letting it know,
“I am here.”

We have added out own touches
By building architectural homes on almost every lot
By farming in the grass’ land and letting it know,
“I am here.”

We have made the beauty special
By making everything ours
By making the grass greener and the snow whiter
By making the sky larger and sun brighter

And letting everything know,
“I am here.”

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Shelbs said...
Feb. 12, 2010 at 3:36 pm
Andi i love your poem is so pretty
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