Prince Charming

January 5, 2010
By Tiffany Land BRONZE, Aragon, Georgia
Tiffany Land BRONZE, Aragon, Georgia
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Tall, dark and handsome they said,
Noble young man,
Every girl’s dream,
He moved with such grace,
Rode his steed with effortless movements,
His hair was black,
His eyes were silver,
His skin shown like cream silk pulled over lean muscles,
He lived in a palace,
Overlooking the ocean,
They thought the world of him,
Until they found the clues,
Lingerie beneath his bed,
Blood drops on the bathroom floor,
Corpses lying in a cave off the cliff,
They refused to believe,
But they all knew,
All the young women,
Stripped from their clothes,
Throats slit,
Hearts torn out,
One sailorman stated the cliffs were red,
But no one knew,
The rotting smell,
The pools of black goo,
Blood spattered all amongst the walls,
He knew they found his prizes,
He feared for their arrival,
They found him hanging,
Swaying to and fro form his diamond chandelier,
Eyes open,
Overflowing with tears.

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