The Day the Snow Melts

January 5, 2010
By echo527 BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
echo527 BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
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My palms clasp sill, my nose presses pane, time awakes
From my second story window gaze, I see a world emerged
A lifetime frozen below a crystal cloak of snow revealed
Today, the April sky unveils its yellow face, its heated maw
and all that was hidden is released, finally.
The day the snow melts marks the day I am set free,
My shackles, the winters fog, the icy nights flee
Lightening my body, shattering my skin, unclasping
The gates that withheld me from the world
Like the earth, I was locked in icy motion, unmoving
Shocked into a state of stillness, the anti-energy, nothing
Through the window of my mind, I see a younger self
Stepping from an unchained bus, staring at a river of black
The absence of the frigid white overwhelms her feet
And now she jumps, skips, flies through streams,
Puddles, memories of winters past and she is set free
The bird of spring gulps the air it has been craving
Ghostly February has no place in the life of April
It slips between the trees and as the child twirls,
It is gone.

Now, seated by my window I see a different picture
Again, the sky gapes at a warming world, unchanged
From the springs of my youth, frozen in a melted state
But I, in the February of my years cannot be melted
With the memory of Aprils I am not let down
I see the doors of spring and life is clear to my eyes
The day the snow melts is the day I see the world
Changed, frozen into motion
Melted into motion.

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