trying's not good enough

January 5, 2010
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I try to look back,
I try to change my choices.
I try to move on,
I try to higher my voices.

I try to be heard over all of this stress.
But the louder I scream,
The bigger the mess.

I try to stop these tears from falling down my face.
I try to keep those tissues in the box,
But now they're all over the place.

I try to keep myself from breaking down,
From falling down the stairs, that lead to sadness and despair.

The further I move
The farther it is.
But the closer it seems....

Well I thought my life was going fine, then I realized I only TRIED.
When you've dealt with the pain, so much you can'tttt be tough.
that's when you realize,
Tryings Not Good Enough

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