Wendy the Wallflower MAG

January 5, 2010
By LittleMissWhimsical SILVER, Saginaw, Michigan
LittleMissWhimsical SILVER, Saginaw, Michigan
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Wendy doesn't like French fries.
Or hamburgers either.
She doesn't even wear braids.
She is just a girl wallflower.

She gets ignored by many
Her spirit is always torn
She wants to fly away
She secretly wants to drown in the salty seashore.

At school – a deathly seven-hour deal
Makes her feel unreal
Like she isn't even alive at all
She just wants to feel unsmall

Art class makes her feel at home
Like her paintings could spill out on and on
That's the only place where she feels unalone
Art is her special home

So, I suppose Wendy feels her best
When a painting is underneath her chest
A piece of work to show her parents
For she doesn't have any friends

But every day she still feels alone
Unless she has something to call her own
She is an artist
An artist framed on the wall

Wendy the Girl who lives on the Wall

The author's comments:
The beauty on the wall

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Lexie96 GOLD said...
on Nov. 6 2011 at 12:25 pm
Lexie96 GOLD, Havana, Illinois
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Now Cinderella don't you go to sleep, it's such a bitter form of refuge, oh don't you know the kingdom's under siege, and everbody needs you. - The Killers

This was so great, I really love poems about wallflowers, they remind me of mysef when I was little. Great work, it's really cute and I like that she escapes into her art... sounds like me... :)

Check out my stuff sometime, please?

on Dec. 24 2010 at 11:37 am
lovethenumber13 BRONZE, Watertown, Connecticut
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I really loved this!!! Are you Wendy? or did someone else inspire you to write this? It's beautiful.

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