Depression Swallows Me Whole

January 5, 2010
By Sammi<3 GOLD, St.Charles, Missouri
Sammi<3 GOLD, St.Charles, Missouri
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No longer shall I deal with this
Im always hiding something
Or being lied to or betrayed
People like you should be done with

Or you could just lock me away forever
Place me in a room, shut off from life
Dont worry love you would be doing me a favor
For my mind and heart have been severed

Tears are always streaming
Running down my face
Nightmares have become reality
And god how I wish I were only dreaming

Blackness keeps coming for me
As the suicidal thoughts keep coming
Racing in and out of my head
I run but cant hide its here

It needs to go away it all does
The lies, the secrets, the betrayal
Just leave me alone in my hole
Wishing it were all like it was

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