Ode to History

January 5, 2010
By harpangel BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
harpangel BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
A kingdom founded on injustice never lasts- Seneca, a Roman philosopher.

Oh history-
in schools
in books
in life
it’s all around

or NBC,
its made
all around
the world
as America’s
first black President

The sounds
of gunshots,
dire and bloody
of the
American Revolution
or the piano,
mellifluous and
soothing as
Mozart played

Feeling artifacts
from the past
bringing you back
to the pain
and agony
of slavery
but the women
who felt
pride and joy
when they
could finally
put their
ballot in
and be counted

A taste like no other-
ahhh, knowledge
rich like chocolate
the yearning
for more
and more

The books
that smell
of leather
and transport
us back
to Albert Einstein’s
lab or
Dr. Martin Luther King’s
Speech, “I Have a Dream”

Oh, how I’m enthralled
by the events
of the past that will
forever be apart
of history…

The author's comments:
This was a project in language so I went outside the box and instead of doing food (like most people did) I used something in everyday life that i love- history.

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