Ode To the Mango

January 5, 2010
By Samarth BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
Samarth BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
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O mango
You are
Always screaming


In my brain
Haunting me
Every single second
Let alone a day
With your
Beauty and grace
Your juice,
As sweet
As candy dipped in
Caramel and coated with
Extra sugar,
Is immensely enchanting
It forces me to crave more
Of this
Sweet ambrosia

O Mango
You are
The Emperor
Of fruits
And the cytoplasm of
You are worshipped
By the universe
And its inhabitants
You are so powerful
That even gods
Fall victim
To your heavenly, and ripe
And intoxicating

O mango
Food has no meaning
In your absence
You are
An incarnation of taste
And a miracle
Ever to befall
This earth
Your outside
And eye – pleasing
It is only
The beginning
Of the trap which
I will be
Lured into
Like how a lion is lead
Into a net with bait
To be captured

My mouth
Is a miniscule
Water fountain
Commanding and
Groans deep
Within my stomach
My mind
Whispers to me:

“Time to inhale it now!
Pounce, snatch,
Grab, or devour
Do whatever it takes
To finish it off
Fall in the trap
Which is waiting
For you expectantly
Fall in the trap
This will only bring you
Satisfaction and elation
Fall in the trap!
Fall in the trap!”

This mantra
Chants in
My mind
Finally I oblige
It and
slowly, carefully
I peel off the skin
In the same care
As you would handle
An antique vase
Beneath the skin
Of this wonder
Is a sun
Its brilliance
Emanating from
Its core
Like how
Complex and descriptive
Words spills meaning and beauty
Onto the sheet of paper
I greedily tear open
A portion
Of you and devour it
Not leaving a
Single strand left
Ahh! Delightful!

The sensational juice
Marvelous and sweet – esque
Floods my taste buds
Ceasing this
Constant flow of this
Water fountain
I am captured by you
You have won my heart
And without you
I would simply die
Every man, woman, and child
In this universe
Should have you in
Their grasp
Sinking their teeth
Into your mattress – esque skin
In this manner
We can save mankind
From being deprived
Of great taste
Every person
Deserves the sensation
That is caused by you
You have uplifted taste
One stage higher
After I finish
The edible heaven
I spiral into bliss
And everlasting jubilance

Ecstatic, jovial, crazed
I unload another crate
And begin the cycle
All over again
Inviting the bliss
(And stomach aches)
I will receive
After feasting

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