Ode To Macaroni and Cheese

January 5, 2010
By Samarth BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
Samarth BRONZE, Voorhees, New Jersey
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O Macaroni and Cheese!
As smooth as satin,
You are a super food
That must be tasted
By all mankind
You are coated
With sweet cheese
Like how a cake
Is covered in icing
O Macaroni and Cheese!
Your flavor,
Sweet and salty,
Sends me
To heaven
Your aroma leaves
My mouth watering
Like how
A sink flows water
If you
Neglect to
Shut off
The faucet

You scent
Is distributed
In the air
Like how
Candy is distributed
Among friends
Enchanting anyone
Passing by
You are
As radiant
As the sun itself!
Instead of
Donating light
And warmth
You make
And laughter contagious
“Edible heaven”
You are the
Greatest thing that
Ever befallen
This planet

O Macaroni and Cheese!
You are
The most
Creative combination
That ever
Hit this world
With added scents
And flavors sprinkled
And blended
Into this
Life changing food,
You are
By American and Italian Food

O Macaroni and Cheese!
My heart
Leaps for joy when
My mother announces
That she is
Going to
Make you
There is
Not a time
During the day in which
I cannot devour you
Every single
Curved Macaroni,
Miniscule and delicate,
Never remains when
I start to
Gobble you up

O Macaroni and Cheese!
I live
And die for you!
If you didn’t exist
On this planet
Neither would I
Nor Mankind!
Savory and delicious,
You are
An indescribable wonder!

O Macaroni and Cheese!
You are such a
One of a kind masterpiece
That I cannot
Understand your
Sensational ways!
Your cheese
Is so marvelous
That I could
Eat barrels of it
Every day!

O Macaroni and Cheese
Why aren’t you
So numerous
That every last person
On earth
Have you
In their arms
So that
They can cross
The bridge way
To Bliss?

O Macaroni and Cheese!
If mankind’s
Existence is vital
It is essential
That every single ocean
Is replaced
By you
Every single pasture
Have you
Substituting grass!

You are
The cresant moon
Emanating flavor
And happiness
You have
A wonderful aura
Which makes
Even the most
Furious man
Shed a smile
Along with a laugh

Mmmm! So Good!
I sigh as a take
The first bite
Of heaven
You have
So much power
And deceptiveness
That I
Am compelled
To eat
And eat
And eat!
Until I drop

O Macaroni and Cheese!
I can
Only be
Afflicted by respect
For you
O Macaroni and Cheese!
I wish
You were endless
And everlasting
In that way
I can
Feast on

The author's comments:
I was inspired by one of my classmates, intellegent and humorous, when he wrote an ode to macaroni and cheese. In the weekend, I had it, and I discovered a strong liking for it and thought I could express my feelings and emotions into poetry.

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