Ode To Rome

January 5, 2010
By Anonymous

O Rome
You immobilize me in awe
With your beauty and grace
From the Victor Emmanuel ll
(That celebrates
Italian Unity
And the first king
Of united Italy)
To the Coliseum
(Rome’s most prized monument)
A peacock
Flutters its wings
In envy
Its head high
You delight
Tourists and visitors
And bewitch them
Your history
As ancient as Christ himself!
You hold
Numerous facts
Some that are jovial
And that are meant
To be celebrated
Although some are
But interesting nevertheless!

O, Rome!
You have
Went through
The most gruesome events
Countless rulers
Have either respected you
Or ignored the
Reason why
The other
Great emperors fought
To uphold to the glory
Of Rome
In 1943 the Nazis
Invaded and conquered you
But one great man:
Monsignor O’ Flaherty
Saved you from
The effects of violence
And from total destruction

You are
The epitome of
Ancient European history
You have been sculptured
And shaped into the beauty
You are today
Independent and
Enormously populated
You are as successful
As a millionaire!

O Rome
I respect you
Along with all the
Other kings
And noble
Who used to rule you
Your glory is a moon
Shedding recognition
And fame all over the earth

Your attractiveness
Enchants even the most
Snooty critics
Except for India’s monuments
You are incomparable
To anything else on this planet!
You are everlasting
And powerful!
O Rome!
You are cradled
In the arms of fate
Which sends
Life changing people
Or events to you
Fate is the sculptor
That carves
And shapes you
Even though
Things look bleak
And hopeless
Everything is
For the best
That is how
God designed this world

The Coliseum
One of the seven wonders
Of the world
The Olympics were
Held there
But also it holds
Sad memories
Like when
The Roman Catholics
Watched from their seats below
While the lions
Tore the Christians
To pieces!

You have been ruled
By powerful and mighty kings
Fate has tossed you
A mighty emperor:
Julius Caesar
Who was one of
The most important kings
Of the age
He had brought
Fame and glory
To you

Without you history
Would be dull
And tedious
Life would be
A black and white picture
Instead of a colored picture
You are essential to mankind!
It is vital that
In every single school
In every single country
In every single continent
In every single hemisphere
Has a textbook
With every single detail
Of the origin of Rome

Your history
Is epic and has
Come a long way
I wonder what
Life changing event
God will bestow
Upon you
In the future?
O Rome!
Pass on your history
From generation
To generation
So even when
You are destroyed
And cannot be brought
Back to life
Your children
Will keep your story,
Immortal and wonderful,
Alive forever

The author's comments:
I was watching an enchanting movie, inspirational and wonderful, which was about nazism in Rome. This movie is called Scarlet and The Black. I was watching this movie and was amazed how much Rome has been through. To when the gladiators romed it, to when the nazis occupied it. "It was amazing how much Rome has withstanded," I said out loud, then I started to develop in intreset for it. This piece of poetry is dedicated to you Rome, just for you!

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