The Eyes

January 5, 2010
When you look deeply
Into one’s eyes,
Past the bright blue tint,
You can see
Their Inner Being:
Their happy memories
With open arms—
The nightmares
That cloud their vision.
When you look deeper,
You can feel
Who they really are.
You can see past
The guise that is
Binding them to false truth.
Their eyes are screaming
From these artificial emotions.
But when you call out to them,
And tell them to take off the mask
That has been holding them in place
For so many years,
They cannot listen.
When they try to lift it off,
The hands of society
Force it back on.
No matter how hard you try,
You cannot change their scorching eyes.
You were not meant to.

The eyes are the windows
To the soul.
When we look too deep
Through the colored glass,
We are sometimes frightened
Of what we see.
But that is only because
We do not understand
What’s behind their eyes.
And, alas,
We never will.

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