January 5, 2010
A word that makes most feel uneasy
The pain, despair, and sorrow
The loss of a loved one
It is a time for grieving
The pain involved is sometimes too hard to bear
Which often, creates more deaths
The selfishness
At the news of a death, some feel it would be easier to end their own lives
More sorrow

It’s hard to move on
For some, the light foretold to be at the end of the tunnel seems nonexistent
The feeling of being lost
How can life continue?
The simple joys of life have now been faded away
The devastation has begun to block them from view

Crying inside
Unable to speak,
To comfort,
To help
Invisible to the eyes of the living
It is sad to see one death cause many
The one who has left the earth,
The visibility to the living,
And the ability to interact
Does not wish for this
The sadness is prone to happen at a death
Even appreciated
More death
Is not

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perfected_11 said...
May 8, 2010 at 11:22 am
I like it....Makes you thinkk more about life and what is really our calling
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