Jumble story

January 5, 2010
By maximo oxlaj SILVER, Austin, Texas
maximo oxlaj SILVER, Austin, Texas
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In a hot summer day, lots and lots of people were having fun at a city park. A fifteen year old male named Ivan live in there. Sometimes Ivan would watch people cooking Bar-B-Q, hoping that they would give him some. Ivan was a white homeless teenager that was really skinny because he doesn’t have any money to buy something to eat. sometimes when people looked at Ivan they would get scared because they see that his clothes is ripped and he is dirty and smell really bad. His hair is all mist up as if he have never brushed .some people would ask Ivan why does he lives her by himself and where are their parents at. He would tell them that they die in car accident close to the city park and that he didn’t wanted to be adopted and that’s why he decide it to live here. When he got close to the children’s, their parents would tell them to get away from him or just ignore him as if he was just a ghost that people couldn’t see but it was dangerous. Ivan lives in La Lloronas Forrest. When people left the park he would in and search for food in the trash cans hoping to find something to eat. People would make fun of him and call him trash digger. Ivan would run back to Forrest and wait until no one was at the park. He would sit at the benches and enjoy his miserable meal. When Ivan finds a lot of food he would save it and take it back to his little house that was made of wood and boxes of sodas and beer.

Once when everyone had left, someone left a cigarette on in la Lloronas Forrest and caused a fire. One of the park employees saw the Forrest being on fire and called nine one one. Ivan waked up when he heard the fire fighter coming with their serene on. He noticed that the forest was on fire. He went to hide in the thick wood because he didn’t wanted the police to take him to a foster home he didn’t wanted to be adopted by someone. He waited in the darkness of the woods until the police and firefighter left. When Ivan came out of the woods he saw that his little house was burn by the fire. Then he went to cut some pieces of branches and made a bed with it. In the morning he started looked for pieces of woods and boxes of sodas and beer. When he gather all the stuff he needed he started to build a new house. A person says that Ivan still lives in the forest of La LLorona but no one is afraid of him anymore.

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