Freely Breaking

January 5, 2010
By DsGuardian BRONZE, Austin, Texas
DsGuardian BRONZE, Austin, Texas
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If I were a poem
I would let the words disintegrate my fear
And they would fly off this paper to grasp your mind of this feeling
That boils deep inside the soul’s core

Letting the intensity slowly drip away
Breaking my outer shell
Exposing the pure valuable child
Residing within these words

Here I lay before your hands
My heart poured into words
The ones I could not say
But only let you read

If I were a poem
I would express my love
Like a cherry blossom
Blooming in the winter

Write the ups and downs
When the wind flows
Brushing each leaf
Into a treasuring dance

If I were a poem
I would write what I want to be to you
Your pillow when you cry
Your heart when you love

This soul of mine here in anyway
Striving to mend your broken limbs
To place a everlasting smile
Which will never leave

With arms held up high
Awaiting your arrival
The warmth of love
My future to come along side you

The author's comments:
First love.

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