My Neighborhood

January 5, 2010
By Anonymous

Galewood was the hood where it was sometimes good
From ’96 to ’06 is where I always stood
The spot where my people make a living with their tools
Or from the back of their truck selling home cooked food

I was rarely all alone, always chillin with my boys
Doing all kinds of fast things cuz we didn’t have no toys.
We would get our fill of food and take off to the pool
And screw around there til it got cold in after noon.

Then we would bust out balls, like the ones used in soccer
And basketball and football or use them gloves like some boxers.
Always kept on playing rising when we would fall
The day we got our BB guns, man it was on.

We had a blast behind tall grass busting at glass, that was fun
And if the red and blue lights turned on, hit the allyway and run.
Never had a ride to roll in so peoeple seen us sliding on our bikes
Go do something that people don’t approve so we’d go to the hood and hide.

The day I moved out man how I felt pity
I didn’t want to start again in a different vicinity.
But it was time to grow up cuz it’s a different day and time
And look at what can happen when I take a pen and write.

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