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January 5, 2010
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Oh! how sweet and divine are the lips of temptation,
Full and moistened by a breathless kiss;
There are few that know such of our passions,
Of the drunkenness too sublime to dismiss.

What were we when we first loved
To those who know not us?
Innocence leaves and goes far above,
At once all too high for dark fervent lust.

I welcomed Heaven in my arms
When my love, my only love came to stay;
He held me unendingly with his charms
And I cast my old reserve away.

Time hangs forever at a stillness
When all you have is but a dream,
And none too sure can comprehend the rightness
Held within your breast, your heart, and your esteem.

Unending as each sensation wishes to be,
You can never truly hold;
And a heart too desperate to reprieve
Shouts “Blasphemy!” to the one it beholds.

Though the retched calm is but a fleeting will
That rages against urged carnal longings,
A clouded mind and soul once filled
Rolls about to find its belongings.

As anger dies along with passion,
But a touch can kindle its fire;
So is the power of lips temptation
In the presence of those we most desire.

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