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Is It Love?

January 5, 2010
By dennis BRONZE, North Rose, New York
dennis BRONZE, North Rose, New York
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anything in life can happen so reach out and try!

Every day I hold her in my arms,
And I try to kiss her but,
My conscience tells me not to because,
It’s wrong to make her cheat,
Even though he is an a**hole,
And I come so close into kissing her,
So I can prove to her that she is…
Wonderful to be around,
The reason I smile,
She is my happiness,
She makes me happy,
Without even trying to,
She is my every thing,
And I want to prove it but,
I can’t because of the a**hole,
Who cries like a baby,
And she is too much of a sweetheart,
To see some f**king a**hole cry.

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