Little White

December 22, 2009
By MelxRose BRONZE, Franklin, Pennsylvania
MelxRose BRONZE, Franklin, Pennsylvania
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Beside my fellow paratroopers
Launched from our flying clouds
We fall
Twirling, tipping end over end
Dotting the sky
I pass Delores, Lucy and Chuck
Melvin and Mario and Billy and Flo
Where will we land?
I wonder my fate
But it is decided
That I see
There’s a little girl standing down below
To where I tumble
Now I know
Her tongue is stretched
I think especially for me
And there I land
Uniquely crystaled
White and pure
And then I am melting
And exist no more

The author's comments:
Had to write a poem from the point of view of some object, animal or person. I chose a snowflake.

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