A dark and Stormy Christmas Night

December 22, 2009
It was a dark and stormy Christmas night
When in the distance I saw a light
Could it be ole Santa’s sleigh
Hauling presents on his way

Fearlessly flying through the sky
Santa and his reindeer I did spy
they flew and flew above my house
with no more sound than a sleeping mouse

when he was almost out of sight
he lost control and ended flight
his sleigh fell down
and hit the ground

I ran to see if santa was hurt
But he was only covered in snow and dirt
He thanked me and thanked me over again
And told him I was a really good friend

He asked me if id go with him
Take a chance go out on limb
So I flew the world with santa clause
We delivered presents without a pause

At the end of the night I liked this man
And we were locked hand in hand
He looked at me with a twinkle in his eye
And asked me if I’d be his bride

This is how it came to be forever a love
Between santa and me
I’m writing this poem and it’s all because
I want the world to know how I became Mrs.Clause

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