Ode To Childhood

December 22, 2009
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Ode to my childhood, the days where nothing mattered
When happiness came in small amounts
That could cost only a penny and bring you great joy
The days where the playground was your hangout spot
One of your favorite drinks were Huggies
And hanging out with your parents all the time was cool
The days where if you stayed up past ten o’clock you were a rebel
The only thing you smoked was candy cigarettes
And the biggest problem you faced was putting your shoes on the right foot
Ode to my childhood, the days where you only got high on the swing set
The only thing you could catch from boys was cooties
And Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network were the only two channels glued to the screen
Ode to my childhood, the days where siblings fought in different ways
Where playing outside all day was better than sitting on the computer
And your parents could fix every little pain with a hug and kiss
Ode to my childhood where memories were set in stone
Never to be erased from my mind
And forever in my heart.

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