If Walls cold talk?

December 22, 2009
By decker BRONZE, Oil City, Pennsylvania
decker BRONZE, Oil City, Pennsylvania
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If walls talk they would tell us how wrong we are,
About how many people actually hang out by a bar,
To come home and fight with their spouses,
Only to ruin their so called perfect houses,
After all the fighting is over they make their amends,
And they say this time it will end,
But knowing deep down they are just like the rest of us,
Who know they aren’t perfect and they don’t fuss,
Because life isn’t great,
Only full of hate,
In school, at work and at home,
Where we are constantly shown,
The walls would tell us all the wrongs people do,
And of the happy times that are so few,
In the negative times people will start to abuse,
So the kids start to use,
So long for the perfect houses,
Were real problems are kept quite like mice,
Because they don’t want to be labeled broken or disturbed,
Because their reputations will be kicked to the curb,
So the walls would tell how even the perfect families are broken,
Even if its have disagreements or their kids smoking,
These things are layered in its seams,
But this would only happen be possible to know if we were in a dream.

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