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the mind of me

December 22, 2009
By shamrock09 BRONZE, Keyser, West Virginia
shamrock09 BRONZE, Keyser, West Virginia
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would you come to me, if i needed you?
or would you throw me aside, like you always do..
would you stand there and embrace?
or throw me behind her, into second place..
It seems she has won the battle, but perhaps not the war..
I think, as you look over me, and mark up her score.
but one day you'll be back, a sad day indeed..
will i take it all back, or wallow in greed?
you can throw all your money in, wager your highest bet..
because it hurts so bad, and this pain i wont forget.
but when you come back, what will i do?
because, my darling, remember.. it wont be up to you..
itll be under my hands, in my favor-like a checkmate
and all ill do is sit there and debate.
because this pain is so real, and it hurts so bad..
its almost like mourning love, its way beyond sad.
ill want to hurt you, make you feel it too..
but you cant feel it like this--not the way i do..
its impossible to describe, like burning.
thats not one plane ticket youd find easy to sell.
i want to scream, i want to yell..
i want to put you into this personal, enclosed piece.
youll see one day, and shell see it too..
that shes not me, and the pain will ensue.
youll realize shes not he one that loved you best
and youll come back to me, pleading that it was only a test.
and here i am, lost in my original question: what to do..
how will i know that this time youll be true?
but i guess i wont know, well just have to see..
What would you give to be inside the mind of me?

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