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Room of Secrets

December 21, 2009
By buddyspeed BRONZE, Cypress, Texas
buddyspeed BRONZE, Cypress, Texas
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Open up the thick, wooden door,
See a red brick wall,
I think:
Where is this room I seek
If I can’t even get to it?
On the bottom of this wall is
A small red button,
Press it,
And the thick wall retracts
To the sky,
I see the room clearly,
It’s as big and spacious
As the purse belonging to Mary Poppins,
It’s completely full of
Giant wooden cabinets,
Full of my secrets,
Secret doings,
Secret crushes,
Secrets I keep to myself,
This room is a piggy bank,
Fill it up
Until it breaks,
On the farthest wall is
One door
And one curtain,
Open the door up and you are
Back at the beginning,
Under the curtain
There’s another door
Holding the heart of all my secrets,
Behold a warning though
It says,
“Opening the door is like opening
Pandora’s Box,
The curtain is full of mystery,
I try to pass through the curtain,
But a mazes ensues,
The curtain itself weighs a ton
Black deep dark
Finally, I reach the door,
Open it up,
But nothing is in there except

The author's comments:
I was required to write a piece of poetry for a warm-up in my Creative Writing class about a secret place. This is what happened with that prompt.

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