December 21, 2009
Look at the sun, so full and dutiful
Every morning it gets up and goes to work
What a wonderful feeling, your occupation a great tool
For happiness to be around all the time
Not smiling being the only crime
Love and joy in your eyes
But then... You blink and darkness rushes in
All the happy feeling dies
Your forgiveness blocked by your sin
Fall faster and faster into the depths
The love in your eyes turns to debt
Reach for the sun, that forgotten friend
Reaching, reaching with no end
But then... You hear a chime
The tinkle of a laugh, and you start to climb
Higher out of the sadness and grief
Sunlight, a friend, no longer a thief
You try to smile, it's working at last!
The light drying up the tears on your face
In the end... The winner is grace

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Caley said...
Feb. 28, 2010 at 9:59 am
Love your facility with language, beutiful uplifting poem!!
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