December 21, 2009
By Karmatwilight GOLD, Tupelo, Mississippi
Karmatwilight GOLD, Tupelo, Mississippi
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My life is a black hole
It sucks.

To disappear is my goal
I have nothing left but a soul.

Love is just another four-letter word
Life is a turd.

When I see happy people, I want them dead
Beat them with rainbows over the head.

Poetry is how I sing my sorrows free
Life hates me.

I long for someone to hate
I will never go on a date.

Emo is my fashion sense
Happiness is a past tense.

Black is my aura
I hate fauna and flora.

Life ain't good
I wish I was from the hood.

To fly away is my heart's desire
To cry myself higher and higher.

So now I will go lay in the grass
And if you laugh, I'll beat your... face.

I hate buses and their drivers too
If you are a bus, I will jump on you.

I will get a running start and yell "BONZAI!"
I will be filled with glee if you cry.

Don't test my patience, karma will get you
My life would be better all through.

I'm blue da ba dee
You wish you were me.

You could flip people off and they would understand
My happiness could be held in a baby's hand.

I'm so freakin' emo I forgot how to blink
My eyes dry out, so I rinse them in the sink.

Black, oh beautiful black, how I love thee so
Under the bridge is where I like to go.

I have no adjectives in my vocabulary
Even verbs sometimes vary.

My pen gets depressed by me and runs out of ink
Even flowers stink.

When people say hey, I start screaming NOOO!
The bad place is where bunnies go.

Stanzas hate me, so this song is done
My favorite activity is to shun.

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on Feb. 22 2010 at 9:00 pm
jasmine12 BRONZE, McMinnville, Oregon
4 articles 0 photos 4 comments
I love this! its amazing! i love the part that says "when i see happy people, i want them dead.Beat them with rainbows over the head." your poetry is way better than any of mine :)


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