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does he notice?

December 21, 2009
By That1LostGirl SILVER,, Kansas
That1LostGirl SILVER,, Kansas
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if hate is such a powerful word then why do we say love like its nuthing?...

Does he notice the way my face lights up when he walks through the door?
Or how I turn red when he talks to me?
No, he doesn't.
He doesn't notice,
how I sulk in silence,
when he talks to her.
How about the tears that slowly form in the corners of my eyes?
once again,
he doesnt notice.

he only notices her.
but why?
why can't he notice me?
she doesn't love him.
I do.
she hurts him.
I don't.

How can he not notice,
how much I notice him,
how much i care?
How bad it hurts me,
to see him fall for her

The author's comments:
i watch the guy that i thought i had sumthing special with fall for this girl, who just hurts him all the time, everyday.. i am there for him through all of this.. but i doubt he will ever really see how i feel..

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