Dear DIary of my child hood mare

December 21, 2009
By Samantha.villkatt SILVER, Winter Park, Florida
Samantha.villkatt SILVER, Winter Park, Florida
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As I sit upon my bed tears like small narrow streams, glide one by one down my cheeks

I reflect of what was once of me, what I had overcome in short time to be

I'm a new better degree

Good looks

Good grades

Good atitude

Yet none the same to her has changed

But am I wrong?

Surely enough I must If from being her worls attention to


At dinner I share my story of mockery few friends & I displayed kind-heartedly to a friendly foe

She nibs & licks, pokes about her food

Had I uttered a word?

Quick wary glances bestowed my way and just as quickly averted from my face

The youngest of the males breaks in to the intesity of all silences and makes

a small inquire of a joke he has learned dire of a friend from school

Squeals of giggles of all sides mostly from a mouth of the youngest girls,full-fled eyes

I am rueful & sad, I gulp my supper however lumpy it is

Barely to breathe, my throat closed up from a held cry

I contemplate

Oh mama what is it I am doing wrong?


As I relieve my chores & head to my room

I realize of my own words became true

Silence all around and nothing is aloudly said because I shall forever hold it in


Is now what my room is

Not my hiding place or secret oasis

Calls to receive; none to be heard

Letters to be read; none to see

I want to leave because if I'm unseen no one will miss me.


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