Man moon vs Godess sun

December 21, 2009
The man in the moon is slowly dying
The moon will fade and disappear
The man on the moon will come for the ones who still sleep
"sleep is for the weak" He'll whisper in your ears as he plunges the shadowy dagger into your chest
"sleep is for people who live the ordinary life's" he will wrap his bony white fingers around the night skies
he pokes holes in the blue and purple canvas that glow white and their edges blur into yellowish gold
The pale people of the night emerge when there is no one else around
Vampires you can call them
The man in the moon have fathered these people and there for are cared about by the moon's rays
Protections against the noise of crowds and sun
The man in the moon is dying, then the kids of the night will take over and reign in the place of their dear beloved father

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