December 21, 2009
By iADVENTURE BRONZE, North Adams, Massachusetts
iADVENTURE BRONZE, North Adams, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
Some will die in hot pursue in fiery auto crashes.
Some will die in hot pursue while sifting through my ashes.
Some will fall in love with life and drink it from a fountain that is puring like an avalanche coming down the mountain.-Butthole Surfers.-

Like a leech,
Sucking me dry of time.
Life seeming so unenjoyable, spending my last hours with you.
Oxygen so unbearably thick,
My lungs are fighting to keep me alive.
And your loving every moment of it.
I can hear your snickers,
From over there in that corner.
I can see whats hidden behind those dark eyes,
I can't help but to stare into.
But it pisses me off,
Not knowing when you're going to feed next.
One thing you should know,
Baby I'm timeless.
For me this is a lovely game,
A game you have no idea you're participating in.
And I find it hilarious.
I can't wait to hear your deafening screams,
once you learn the situation.
The tables have turned and you aren't as lucky to be as timeless as I.
Cant wait to see you in a coffin too small,
That I have perfectly chosen just for you.

I Guess im sorry it had to end this way, but I'm glad it did.

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