Is It True?

December 21, 2009
By brokenXdreams BRONZE, Belgrade, Maine
brokenXdreams BRONZE, Belgrade, Maine
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We aren't soup cans so why are you labeling?

Is it true? Can this be? How I ask. Why? This is something I wonder now, now that your here. Your embrace makes me feel safe and warm. I laugh whenever I talk to you and smile when I see your face. is this happy? Am I truly happy? How would i know? How do I know? You amaze me. You always bring the best out of me even at the worst of times. I haven't yet once met someone like you, someone who truly makes me happy. Someone that understands me and does not judge. You seem different, different from the others. You take me as I am, Who I am, not what I appear to be. How do I express this? How do I say this? I spell it out to you in the beat of my heart, I love you.

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