"I Meant To Tell You"

December 21, 2009
By heathergibson BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
heathergibson BRONZE, Saint Peters, Missouri
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I meant to tell you, before I forget:

I remember when we were younger

I remember you knocked me off the bed,
And I hit my head; you tried to shut me up,
Before you go into trouble.

I remember when I wanted to play Barbie’s,
You didn’t want too, but dad made you anyway.

I remember when you slammed your finger,
In the window, you said a cuss word and,
I told dad, you got grounded for 2 weeks

I always thought of you as my hero
You were my sister and my best friend

I remember we drove dad’s car in the carport,
But it wasn’t just a carport to us,
Is was Hollywood or New York, and we acted
Like it was raining, with on babies in the back
You were the driver and I was the passenger.

You were always my shoulder cry on,
And my wall to hide behind
Every time the power went out you were there
To say everything was okay
Every time I had a bad dream, you were there
To wake me up and scare away whatever
Was after me.

When I had trouble with counting money
You sat in my room with me and the fake money,
I got aggravated and yell at you,
You left my room and told me to do it myself
I never told you but I regretted yelling at you.

The first time you helped me ride a bike without
Training wheels, you rain up and down the street,
Making sure I didn’t fall off.
You were my biggest supporter and to this day
You still are.

One day you left for college,
You didn’t know but I cried myself to sleep
Because I felt like I lost my best friend.

You came home a week or so later,
I made you a welcome home poster,
When you pulled up I ran out and hugged you.

We had our far share of fights,
But that’s what we did,
I hated you at times,
Until the day you moved out,
I wasn’t sad, because this time I knew,
You were only a 15 minute drive,
Or a phone call away.
It was a while ago…
But I remember when we were small
And all the things we did together
I meant to tell you that.

The author's comments:
This peice is about my older sister and i when we were younger and all the great/fun memories we had together.

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