Did We Win.?

December 21, 2009
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Did We Win?

I guess the government really gets a kick out of people dying.

We’ve been in a war for like eight years, and it doesn’t even look like we’re trying.

Being spread everywhere is the soldiers’ blood.

Like dirt being swept right up under the rug.

People falling left and right.

Losing arms, legs, and heads at all times in the day and night.
War is nothing but blood, sweat, separated limbs and tears

all mixed together in a giant battlefield.

Guns firing through.

Just hoping that you kill someone who has a different uniform as you.

Dirt being embedded up under your skin.

And after it’s over, did you actually win?

Soldiers have deceased.
Did they win?

Generals walk up the soldiers’ family’s steps with the fear.

That the news they’re about to deliver will make her shed more than one tear.

Then the kids will ask “Mom; where’s dad? He said he would take us too the racetrack.”

And she tells them “I’m sorry, but daddy is not gunna be coming back.”

So the only car they will ride will not be one from the racetrack.

It will be a limo, where inside, the only heard sound

will be the mother weeping, as they ride to see daddy buried underground.

So who’s the real winner when people are killed?

I guess the government gets satisfaction when their mission is fulfilled.

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