December 20, 2009
By Jess147 SILVER, Marlborough, Connecticut
Jess147 SILVER, Marlborough, Connecticut
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Life after death.
There's no Hell,
and certainly no Heaven.
It's just empty.

Everything looks much the same.
All my belongings are as I've left them.
My body hanging from the ceiling fan.
Hartford is still busy and
the cow towns still have cows.

I walked silently to my ex girlfriends house.
Figured I'd tell her the news about my passing.
Rang the doorbell, the dog barked as always,
and there she stood. More beautiful than ever,
but she didn't see me. There was a blank,
more lifeless than I, expression on her face.
She looked around and then shut the door.

Death does not bring you to a better place.

Without invitation, I walked right through the door,
and followed her to the living room where she
laid down on the couch to continue reading.

I told her:
"Don't be mad that I'll never answer you.
And I'm sorry that I just barged in,
but I wanted to tell you that I love you."

She just turned the page.

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