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a poem called i am

January 14, 2010
By manule SILVER, Oakley, California
manule SILVER, Oakley, California
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live by the gun die by the bullet

I am strong & weak
I wonder if I can get through life in one piece
I hear people talking about shooting up places
I see me dying in my dreams
I want to get away from where i am
I am strong & weak

I pretend I'm away from bad things but I'm not
I feel strong but I'm not
I touch my heart when bad things happend
I worry that some day I'll walk out of my house & i'll die
I cry when i see my grandpa in my dreams but he died
I am strong & weak

I understand I'm still living through this ****
I say I'm going to stay alive but one day It's good bye
I dream of my uncle getting out of jail tomorrow
I try to stay strong
I hope I can make it all the way to say mom, I love you
I am strong & weak

The author's comments:
It's real life

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