Autunm Leaves

December 27, 2009
By Anonymous

I wake up to a crisp autumn breeze flowing through my window sill
Engulfing my room with an overwhelming feeling of relief;
A sign of a refreshing new beginning.

I step outside into the frigid grass filled with tiny crystal drops of dew
And a pale white frost barley covering the pointed tips of the lawn.

The leaves that were once ripe and strong
Are now that of thin sheets of paper
Lying on the ground lifeless and satisfied with their job well done.

They tumble down from their once called home
Waltzing swiftly to the ground as if they are taken up by angel’s wings;
Forgetting all that they have left behind.

It is here that they will serve as a colorful blanket for kids and creatures alike.

The rich colors of orange, deep yellow and golden brown transform to create one beautiful spectrum of colors right before my eyes.
These leaves have the power and beauty
to make the blind see again and the coldest heart warm.

The early morning sun hits the leaves and gives them a glow
That glamorizes every crack and tear that was once thought of as a flaw.

They now put every other piece of nature to a dim shadow sending
A bright halo of light magnifying the leaves’ beauty.
What used to be their home now is nothing but
Bare sticks and branches; alone and abandoned.

It only takes a small gust of wind to pick up the leaves
And send them off a new home where they will then reside.

They now go to a twirling to an entirely new world
And start a new beginning.
All taking place during the season Autumn.

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