John the Faun (note: this poem was co-written by me and my friend Hilary who is a sophomore at U

December 27, 2009
By hilaryandlaura BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
hilaryandlaura BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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One day in Taiwan, I came upon a yawning faun with a baton. He was sitting on a lawn with a brawny swan who looked like a moron. He said “my name is John, and this is Vaughn.” John looked very wan so I went to Bonn and bought him some flan at a salon. John and Vaughn’s favorite flan was pecan. When I returned John had drawn out a prawn. “My name is Sean,” said the tiny prawn, “but I want to join you on your lawn for flan.” All was well until dawn, when I spied Sean, John and Vaughn, still on the lawn, eating flan in Taiwan.

“Be gone, John the wan faun, with your baton and yawn coming on, eating pecan flan from a salon in Bonn with Vaughn the moron swan with brawn and a drawn upon prawn named Sean at dawn upon a lawn in Taiwan…. Oh well now they’re gone.”

The author's comments:
Poetry is often so serious, but rhymes are all around us, and sometimes it is important to have fun with poetry. We were falling off our chairs laughing so hard, and that's the way writing should be. Have fun. Make some rhymes, and love expressing yourself.

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