twilight poem

December 27, 2009
By ashleydawn54 GOLD, Circleville, Ohio
ashleydawn54 GOLD, Circleville, Ohio
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reach for the unknown, because someday the unknown maybe all you'll ever know

Eternally i ache to be within your ageless arms. You stand by and watch my eyes grow old and my body become weak. Falling fast away from your grasp, for that I see you'll never age like me. Ashamed for this curse but o so envious of his undying self. Your eyes have captured me, ruling all of me. Inevitable connection between you and I, a connection that no one but us can live by. Life has no meaning without you forever by my side. A bitter shame takes hold of every part of me. A shame of which no longer is seducing me. Calling me into your merciful glow, that is beckoning to my murtal soul. Broken and torn I stumble to my fate. I hear you say my wish is a blistering shame. Although it may be, in the end I will be unable to see, see past the covering desires of you being with me. For once married, I will only soon become like you and your family. Remember dear love has many meanings including taking the life of me.

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