It's Him.

December 26, 2009
By Anonymous

These days turn to weeks
And my thoughts all roam to him
Mostly at night, longing peaks
Gladly would I give a limb
Anything for him

We never speak a word
Nor look or acknowledge
It hurts and pains
And my heart hurts to gain

Upon every dream I harbor
and to all my thoughts wander
is him

I miss his humor
and to anything I would give
for it again

Perhaps some day
God will see it fit
to have us back together
once again

Then he'll know my work
And appreciate it's value
He'll understand my
Dedication and love

I miss the huge hand
Splayed across my knee
And everything combined
That made him who he did be

We are meant to be
He's in my heart you see
Someday soon, we'll be
Where we belong

With not a care in the world
I'm with him

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