Free For Life

December 26, 2009
She walked through the room
There would be nothing left soon
She wanted to save it all
Every last wall
Every hope and dream
All the plaster and every seam
She wanted it all to stay
But her feelings could not be kept at bay
She was going to do it
She was in a suicidal fit
But her life would stay
It was the house’s last day
Otherwise the memories would never die
She couldn’t lie
She did want to do it
But the fire was ready to be lit
She loved the house but the people wouldn’t learn
For what they did to her they would burn
They ‘beat’ her to it
They didn’t have to hit
But they chose to
Therefore she had no thoughts for them when it came to what she was about to do
She lit the match and let it fall
As they suffered she would ignore their call
She would make sure that it was too late when help came
Her life would never be the same
With everything bad know gone
Today was like a new dawn
She left the fire to grow
No one would ever know
She would walk away without a scratch
She listened to the door latch
All was done and she was free to go
Now alone in the worlds flow
She was as happy as could be
Now she was free
For what they couldn’t learn
They would burn
Leaving her free for life

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