Into His Eyes

December 26, 2009
By ReJena Whiting BRONZE, Hamburg, Pennsylvania
ReJena Whiting BRONZE, Hamburg, Pennsylvania
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He walked past her and she looked at him in his eyes. The awkward silence passed, the routine phrases were spoken. But all she held were the remains of her heart being broken. Shattered pieces fell through her trembling fists. Invisible chains of shame and guilt were forever bound to frail wrists. Streams of life seemed to escape from her very soul. Glass streaked tears crashed to the floor, each carrying more pain than the one before it. An unseen mask concealed deciet, strain, and adultrey. Aching, agonizing torment screeched from her heart within. Is there ever a point when this will end? The silent question passed with an identical answer, both unspoken. She held close to her, every piece that remained broken. He walked past me and Ilooked at him in his eyes. But I learned in an instant I could never prepare for what I would feel in a momens glare, Into his eyes.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece after I lost my fist love. I know that many can understand what it feels like to watch someone else move on without you. So I tried my best to put into words how I felt..

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