I love you still & I always will

December 26, 2009
I love you still and i always will.but as i can tell that you have moved on so must i.i can not help but wish that every guy that i talk to was you.i miss your eyes.i miss holding your hand .i miss your kisses and It kills me to think that i can not be with you.You said that you loved me wheather that is or was true is doesnt matter anymore.you cant handdle the preasure.and so we are over.our time has gone.dont worrie i havent forgotten you i will never forget you.(you are my 1st true love.and) i will not let your memory slip.for in doing so a big part of myself would slip with it.you have broken my heart more than you could ever know.just a few words from you kills me.
you knew i loved you but still you didnt care.truth is you problly just used me.and yet i stare and stare into the blankness of my heart.the part where you once were but now you have moved and i find myself searching for you up and down and all around my heart but the only place i can find you is the place where all my lost memories are.for you are one of my memories that have been lost in my heart,the kind that will never leave but will never actually stay.i like to hide you,your memories that give me pain,i hide behind other people and other things that i love,i try to hide the fact that i still love you from the others.the truth is i try to hide the fact from myself as well.i think about you every now and again,i wonder if you think of mi,and if so what do you think about? my laugh,the way i fell for you so hard,or about us, Our good times or our bad time,or do you ever remember about us anymore? have you forgotten mi? or am i still in the back of your head? Do you still love mi? will you always love mi? Just remember my Dear,I love you still and i always will.

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