Concrete Noise, #3

December 25, 2009
As night falls,
And leaves spirit away,
The roads begin to light
With the torches of the grand, silicon kingdom,
My city, all alight,

A sudden flicker of Christmas lights,
And the city comes of its cave it sleeps in the smiling light of day,
It awakes in the pitch black sky,
A myriad of wildsmen,
Nomads, poets, the animals of the streets,
Alight with the torches’ fire,
The lights flicker madly, and the city, it is a dance!

A party of the wildsmen, girating, moving, writhing,
Twisting like serpents to the artificial fires.

I am struck with a fear, childlike; of a sudden, I am short
In stature, innocent to the darkening scene, a lightbulb dims, and I grow smaller,
And the wildsmen laugh, and bid me come, suddenly, the city pulls me, and I am a child of the night!
The raving, technologic kingdom has encased me in its ranks,
I am part of the celebration,
The gnarled hands of surrender take me into the night

A great arm, giant, but that of love turns me away from the majestic chrome landscape,
Wild, yet regal in its luster,
To that of a land of gentle breezes,
And lush greens that abound,
To my space of painted fall leaves, and artful flowers,
I am safe and warm

For my city sometimes beats me,
Slaps and tortures me,
And laughs at my calamity,
The overwhelming force of the great clock,
With its pieces moving against me, are too much,

But still, I cannot separate from it,
It needs her young man, full of life and art,
A wave of my hands sends her to blush

Although I will forever cling to my land of gentle breezes,
The urban jungle shall always be mine,
I return to you now, my beloved metropolis!

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