Slowly Breaking

December 25, 2009
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Picking, poking, at my heart
Does he understand hes ripping it apart?
Slowly, as if I'm fading away...
It's strange how much slower it gets everyday.
I glance out the window to see rain fall
As I reflect on how I seemed to drop the ball
I tell myself, "I probably fell too soon."
We were rising so high, so fast, like a hot air balloon
I struggle, I want to let it all go
But I know theres a hope, I repeatedly argue, "No, no, no!"
I can only turn to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
The one who has lit so many lights
The one who hates to see me hurt
The one who hates to see a tear drip down my shirt
Jesus is holding my hand, taking me on walk
The special kind, where our fingers intertwine and our hands lock.
He is always here for me
No matter what lies I hear from the enemy
Well, whatever happens with this new boy,
I know that it will be God's will to not have me thrown around like an old toy.
God will keep me safe in His arms
No one can fool me, not even a boy's charms.
So we will see if me and this boy are meant to be
If we are supposed to live in harmony.

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