An introvert at a party

December 25, 2009
By Kykle BRONZE, Norman, Oklahoma
Kykle BRONZE, Norman, Oklahoma
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“O thou invisible spirit of wine,
if thou hast no name to be known by,
let us call thee devil!”
-William Shakespeare

It's cold outside and colder in here
Under the surprising privacy
of a blaring crowd
I gleefully lose myself

Put on my pseudo-smile
and talk to my pseudo-friends.

Maybe even forget it.
Forget that I feel like a set of floating eyes
Forget that we're all mounds of flesh and hair
Forget you all

My eyes are brick walls and fence posts
And I am opening the gate to all in sight
I watch my ethos come crashing down
with every increasingly true glance
of yet another Siren.

Only under the blare and blur
of that frozen house
Could I have ever mistaken formality
(or the lack of)
for some sort of kindness or legitimacy.

I've nothing to say to you
but my mouth keeps moving
I've no joy to give to you
but my face keeps smiling

Cursed fate of the hidden one
destined to reveal himself
under most forgettable circumstances

I didn't remember much,
but let us be honest:

when the sun rises
(as it also does)
and your burning eyes long
for lost innocence and vitality

The air will pulse and the room will echo
but I will be gone:
and I'm taking your memory of me
as a parting gift.

The author's comments:
Everyone is isolated, and everyone will engage in less than admirable activities at some point. Unfortunately, the friendship formed from a blurry night at a party leads to nothing more than a headache afterwards. Intimacy is a fraud.

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