Mall Wonders

December 24, 2009
By Ivy-Dark BRONZE, West Linn, Oregon
Ivy-Dark BRONZE, West Linn, Oregon
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Sears, Macy’s, Kohl’s and Dick’s,
Enter, stroll, look and buy,
Up the escalator,
here we go!
High ceiling, big windows,
Echoing voices, stench of
Deep fried food
Fat people squeezing past
Skinny people having fun
Look there!
That young man has a purple afro!
25 cents
for a handful of sweets,
or how about 5 dollars
for water in a fancy bottle
jewelry stores,
all neat and tidy,
yet right behind
is the body piercing kiosk
ooh, that’s gotta hurt!
Angsty teens browse
The nearby Spencers
And little kids tumble ‘round
The big rubber play things
I wish I wasn’t so tall…
Let’s go into Abercrombie
Oh dear, look at the prices!
Maybe old navy will be better
And maybe not
Antique shops are filled
With weird old furniture
And outdated items
While we cough on hairspray,
Passing the fancy salon
Oh, I love that shirt!
I can’t find the price tag!
Where’s my phone?
Mm, those pretzels smell nice!
Yes, the mall sure is a
Very neat place.

The author's comments:
I love the mall, and I thought I would write about the interesting things I encounter there sometimes.

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